In late spring, Maintenance Solutions got word that the Boy Scout Camp at Boxwell Reservation needed volunteers to help with the preparation for the summer camp season. They had several Air Conditioning units in need of repair or maintenance. We were happy to help out with that... we all know how hot Middle Tennessee can get in August!

They also had a very tall flagpole that needed a new coat of paint. There isn't a manufacturer out there that makes a ladder tall enough to tackle that flagpole, so it is fortunate that we have a bucket truck and were able to finish the job in a few hours. We do have high-pressure paint sprayers, but when you are using alumninum paint it can be a real mess, and very, very hard to clean up! Brushing it on by hand is the best method... Sorry about the sore arm Todd!

The Middle Tennessee Council of the Boy Scouts of America provides services for over 45,000 youth in Middle Tennessee. The Council's mission is to "foster the character development, citizenship training and physical fitness of young people through an emphasis on outdoor program experiences, and in ways to prepare them to be responsible, contributing members of society over their lifetime by instilling values based upon those found in the Scout Oath and Law."

Camp Boxwell is on the shores of Old Hickory lake in Wilson County, and covers over 1000 acres. As one can imagine, there are lots of opportunities for watersports, hiking, and camping. It is a very special place, and we enjoyed a sunny spring day helping a good cause. Maintenance Solutions is proud to be a supporter of the Boy Scouts of America.

For More Information about the Middle Tennessee Boy Scouts, contact:
The Middle Tennessee Council of the Boy Scouts of America

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