The United Way has a website that posts needs in the community, and we found a request for help from the Oasis Center. They needed some landscaping done to help brighten up the front lawn of their Teen Shelter. They needed hedges trimmed, flowerbeds weeded, new flowers planted, and mulch. On one of our weekly runs to the nursery, we picked up several flats of flowers as well as many bags of mulch, and drove over to the shelter to work our magic. We spent one day cleaning up and another planting new flowers and laying down the mulch. It was great fun and one of the teens at the shelter even asked if he could join us! (Maybe we were having TOO much fun!) We received a very kind letter of appreciation from Corey Napier and Hal Cato, which reads as follows:

"Dear Donald,

You have made such a difference with the appearance of the Shelter grounds! It is so generous of you to spend your time working to create a beautiful entrance and setting. The flowers and plants are bright and cheerful and the shrubs look well cared for.

The shelter is an important service for teens here in Middle Tennessee. The clinical work done here has a lasting influence on a young person's life and their attitudes toward school, family, peers, community, and themselves. A beautiful environment contributes to each young person's positive experience here. Each day the teens, their families and staff can appreciate the results of your hard work and generosity.

We appreciate your charitable gift of time and energy to help us help teens. Thank you for choosing to donate your skill and healthy plants to the Oasis Center. It is businesses like you that make our community a better place for young people and us all. Thank you so much.

Corey Napier, President, Board of Directors

Hal Cato, Executive Director."

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